M3 Hampshire – Night Closures – 14th to 17th July 2014

ESSENTIAL road works are to be carried out on the motorway near Winchester.

On Monday and Tuesday the southbound carriageway of the M3 will be closed overnight, between junctions 8 and 9, as will the northbound carriageway on Wednesday and Thursday.

Highways Agency project manager Guy Watts said: “We will be repainting the road markings on the M3 between junctions 8 and 9 to keep journeys safe and reliable.”

The works will be carried out between the hours of 10pm-6am and there will be diversion routes in place via the A34 and A303.

Security restrictions on mobile devices when flying

All passengers, particularly those flying to or via the United States are advised to make sure all mobile devices are fully charge

At the airport security checks there is a likleyhood that passengers will be asked to demonstrate that their device works as manufacturers intended.

There have been cases of passengers having to re book flights – as their phones had flat batteries!

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Increased Airport Security = Increased Checkin Time

Due to events over the past few days passengers are advised to arrive at airports in good time.

All airports have introduced extra security checks and therfore there are likley to be extra queues at busy times.

The latest recommendations can be found below



All regional airports are folowing the lead on increasing checkin times taken by Heathrow and Gatwick