Thought for the day

Why is the time with the slowest traffic called Rush Hour?

Access to Dorset to be disrupted!


Work on the improvements to the A31 at Canford Bottom roundabout will start in September 2011 and continue until May 2012. This will lead to delays on roads in the area as it is aleady a bottleneck.

Hopefully the pre olympic imporvements will goe smoothly and be of benifit.

For full details of the scheme click here

Is your Business Fit for the 2012 games ?

Well with most Olympic test events over – the sailing events in Weymouth & Portland were a great success – However now is the time for business owners and managers to take time to review their contingence plans for the main event in 2012.

Businesses close to or with customers close to an Olympic Venue should give very careful consideration as to how they will be affected – To quote an old military adage “Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Pi** Poor Performance”.

How are you going to deliver to customers – will deliveries being late?
– Could late / early deliveries ease the situation?

Will staff be able to get to work?

These and many more issues – along with suggested remedies are covered in the documents linked below.

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For concerns / information about the specific plans in Weymouth & Portland queries should be addressed to Chris Hook

Also congratulations to The Dutch and Australian teams who had rather an impressive test event medal haul!!!!

I’m no Sailor But……..

Well according to the Daily Telegraph LOCOG are rethinking the Olympic sailing courses.

Click here for full report

Skipper should have gone to Specsavers!!!!

A yacht skipper competing on Cowes Sailing Regatta failed to notice an Oil Products Vessel on its way to Fawley Terminal.  Luckily no one is reported to have been injured – a video clip can be seen here

 The Vessel ‘Hanne Knutsen’ is 263 mtr x 40 mtr and painted bright orange!

 May be the yacht skipper should have his eyes tested!!

Patchy Mobile Network Coverage

Coming to Weymouth for the Olympics?

 Well we have had major improvements in the transport infrastructure – all working well thus far.

 Mobile network coverage is patchy at best, if you are expecting superfast 3g coverage – forget it!!  GSM is best – slow and patchy at time.  All networks suffer – Orange, Vodafone, O2

 May be they are working on it – but they have been saying that for years now!