Weymouth Station – No Toilet

Well would you believe it!
The public toilets at Weymouth train station have been sealed off!! They will be refurbed earlh in 2012, and then remain locked until the olympic sailing events start

best you go on the train!!!

Petrol & Diesel to surge in Price by Another 33p per Gallon Starting in January…just 8 weeks away!

FairFuel Uk have issued the following reminder –


The UK Government is still on track to put up fuel duty in January 2012 and August 2012.  These rises will add 33p per gallon to the already massive cost of petrol and diesel.

If you are angry and upset by the high cost of petrol and diesel please do the following two things for us as soon as you can:


1. If you haven’t already done so, go to this link http://action.fairfueluk.com/debateNov15, put your postcode in and then follow the instructions to send an email to your MP urging them to attend a major debate in Parliament next Tuesday 15th November on this vital issue.  If they don’t know how upset and angry we are about this issue, they may not attend.


2. Please just tweet on to everyone you know urging them to use the link above and then pass it on to all their contacts.

We need thousands of people to press their MPs on this issue.  The Chamber of the House of Commons needs to be packed with MPs next Tuesday who are in no doubt about the suffering being caused by high petrol and diesel prices.


We need your help to do this…

Thanks again for all your support in the fight for lower petrol and diesel prices

Very kind regards

The FairFuelUK Campaign team
Quentin Willson, Peter Carroll, Lynne Beaumont, Howard Cox
The RAC, FTA and RHA




We all feeel the pain of higher fuel prices, so act now!!!

Weymouth’s Olympic Plan Explained

During November, there will be a number of drop in sessions for residents of the borough to how they will be effected during the games period.

There will be useful information for both business’s and individuals to explain the plan and dispell the many roumers that exisit.

More information and dates/venue can be found here